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We’re here to make your real estate legal needs seamless. Our attention to detail and the personalized treatment and support we give to every client sets us apart from the rest.

Trusted and reliable real estate lawyers in Chatham-Kent and Throughout Ontario

Each real estate transaction is unique and requires attention to detail. Our firm has a long history of closing transactions and the experience to answer client inquiries. We take the time to explain the steps in each transaction and provide guidance in helping clients navigate one of the biggest investments of their lives.

There are several factors that both the purchaser or seller have to consider before buying or selling a property. Ultimately, we ensure our clients purchase and sell what they negotiated for.

In order to ensure our clients have a smooth closing, our firm will conduct title searches, purchase title insurance, conduct off titles searches when required, and facilitate mortgages and financing.

To make the closing process more efficient, we are able to meet and sign with our clients virtually instead of meeting at our Firm if requested by the client.

Our office provides services for the following:

  • Residential Purchase and Sale
  • Commercial Purchase and Sale
  • Institutional and Private Mortgages
  • Farm Sale/Tender and Purchase
  • Condominium Purchase and Sale
  • Commercial Leases
  • Easement Creations
  • Title Applications‍
  • Severances
  • Private Lending & Mortgages

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JTM Law handles all kinds of real estate transactions from residential to commercial and farmland. Call us at (519) 627-2081 or (519)-627-1614 or fill out the form below for a consultation.


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