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We are dedicated to helping you achieve your desired results and minimize the financial burden, and emotional turmoil family disputes bring. From co-habitation agreements to uncontested separations and divorces, we are your supporter.

Family Law Services in Ontario

Family Disputes present complicated legal issues. It’s an emotional journey. You need a family lawyer in Ontario with the right experience and skills, including one who will take your emotional welfare, financial capacity, and personal circumstance into consideration when handling your case.

Compassionate and Affordable Family Lawyer in Ontario

Tom McGregor has been providing family law services in Ontario for over 38 years. Tom sees significant value in resolving disputes outside of court and modelled his family law practice on this principle.  Resolving a family law matter outside of court has the potential for significant advantages such as preserving relationships, having more control over issues like child access and custody, and the flexibility to negotiate without the oversight of the court.

We provide family law services on an uncontested basis such as:

- Separation Agreements

- Uncontested Divorce

- Marriage Contracts

- Cohabitation Agreements

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